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Heal your Heart 
Relationship Programs

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Heal Your Heart and Your Relationship

Image by Micheile Henderson

Heal Your Relationship with Money

Kim’s 7-Step True Essence Healing Techniques unite your personality and soul consciousness.
 In her programs, she delivers her wisdom and guidance to lead her students to accomplish a
range of amazing benefits.  Some of the changes and results gained from the Heal your Heart
Programs are:

 clarity, freedom, and purpose
 release stress and overwhelm to ease and harmony
 release childhood traumas and pain associated with years of dysfunction
 reprogram negative patterns of fear, doubt, distrust, anger, and resentment
 develop new patterns of harmony and well-being
 let go of deep-rooted limiting beliefs and old identity
 learn to love yourself unconditionally
 raise your energy in higher vibrations
 take consistent actions to achieve goals 
 heal your heart and prosper

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Kim was a wonderful coach. I hired Kim when I became disillusioned with following all of the rigid templates and formulas for success, getting clients, and money. I found myself burning out, unhappy, and giving up. She opened up my belief in magic again, and since working with her, I have unlocked the magic within myself and amazing things are happening. I am now open to receiving blessings and opportunities wherever they may come, and they are flooding my way.

She is genuine, enthusiastic, has a great heart and has your best intentions in mind.
I was very happy to have her on my team to grow myself and my business.  
Thank you Kim!

Shawnrey Notto

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