Heal Your Heart and Your Relationship

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This course is designed to heal disharmony in relationships.  Often, we find relationships are full of finger-pointing, miscommunication, resentment, and betrayal.


The “Heal & Thrive in your Relationships” course is a 90-Day Program that is offered a few times per year.   The course is live interactive sessions in a group setting with limited number of students attending.   Homework is assigned to assist in your progress. The group meets three times per week for approximately 90-minutes.  

Kim’s 7-Step process focuses on opening communication and healing through self-love, mutual respect, and commitment toward happiness. Learn to manage your own energy, and be present to take care of yourself, and grow your relationship.

It is not necessary that your partner attends the course with you, however, many clients that finish the 90-day program, later their partners attend because of the change and results they witness with their partner. 

You can visit our testimonials to see how effective Kim’s teachings are and what you can expect in completing this dynamic, life changing course.