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 Master Heart Healer &
Relationship Coach

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Welcome to the practice of Kim Le, the master  heart healer and relationship coach dedicated to helping you create more love and intimacy in your life.

Whether you're single or in a relationship, Kim Le is here to provide guidance, support, and practical tools to help you build fulfilling connections and achieve the love life you desire.


Are you having heartaches in intimate relationships?

You deserve to live your true potential with love, peace, joy, and abundance in your relationships and life.

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Heal & Thrive

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Heal Relationship
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Heart Healing
Healing Relationship
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Kim Le, the Master Heart Healer, published author, and speaker for 31 years, has helped thousands of men and women all over the globe to heal their hearts and transform their lives with her 90-day coaching program.

She is committed to helping millions live their true potential with love, joy, and abundance.

In her early childhood, Kim wished to spread love and peace worldwide. However, she faced many adversities, including the Vietnam War and immigrating to America.

In 1989, she was in a refugee camp in Indonesia. She saved a little girl’s life from malaria. She realized she had a gift to help people heal physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. This became her life’s mission.

She now serves her clients globally in groups or individually in the “Heal Your Heart & Thrive program.”

She also certifies those who choose to become the healer in her “True Essence Healer Certification Program.”

Are you ready to heal your heart and unlock your true potential? Join Kim Le on this magical transformative journey.

Kim Le is based in beautiful San Francisco, California. 
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"Kim Le is a powerful healer. She has helped me break through difficult energetic and mental blocks... including issues I struggled with for years! In a very short amount of time, I felt major increases in my clarity and confidence. What I love most is her unique combination of character traits: she is direct, funny, down-to-earth, and skillful. This makes each session both joyful and transformational.”

Tazima Davis

Sex Coach

Heal your Relationships

Investing in your relationships today means building a stronger, happier future.
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