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Heart Healer & Relationship Coach

Heal & Thrive

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Heart Healer & Relationship Coach

Welcome to the practice of Kim Le, a heart healer and relationship coach dedicated to helping you create more love and intimacy in your life.

Whether you're single or in a relationship, Kim Le is here to provide guidance, support, and practical tools to help you build fulfilling connections and achieve the love life you desire.

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Are you having heartaches in these intimate relationships with your health, loved ones or money?

You deserve to live your true potential with love, peace joy and abundance in your relationships and your life.

Kim Le is the Master Heart Healer, Relationship Coach, Teacher, Speaker, and Published Author

She helps men and women who have heartaches to heal their hearts so they can have healthy relationships with themselves, their partners, family, money, and business.  ​For more than 30 years, Kim has helped thousands of people transform their lives.


Kim Le is originally from Vietnam. From the age of three, her wish was to make people happy. Years following, when she was twelve, she had a spiritual awakening and realized her gift to help people heal physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. 

When Kim immigrated to America, she faced many adversities: cultural differences, language barriers, and an abusive relationship. One day, Kim Le had a spiritual awakening, and she heard her spirit guide tell her, “Kim, this is your gift. You are going to touch others to heal.”


When she told her husband she wanted to become a healer, he was angry, gave her an ultimatum, and told her to choose her career or marriage. Kim Le decided to honor herself and her gift as a healer. This decision gave her the courage to end the marriage and raise her three children as a single mom. 

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She began healing her heart through training with Barbara Ann Brennan at BHSS.  She studied under Zen Master and Nobel Peace Prize Recipient Thich Nhat Hanh, nominated by Martin Luther King, Jr. for the award in 1967 for his dedication to Human Rights. 


She believes suffering is disharmony from within, a separation between body, mind, and soul.


Honoring one’s self through the power of choice, responsibility, self-love, respect, and self-worth were the core elements needed to overcome life’s challenges. Her mission is to help those who have heartache to heal their hearts and live their true potential with more love, joy, and abundance.


Kim Le is based in San Francisco, California. She serves clients/students globally in groups or individuals. She also trains others to become Healers with her Certification Program.

Xania Mejia

Kim Le is blessed with the beautiful gift of healing and helping others find their calling in life.I spent 5 minutes in her presence and she was able to identify the root of my pain/ anger.I am truly honored to know her and can't wait to keep working with her.
If you are looking to heal ANY aspect of your life, I'm sure Kim can help you out.
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Heal your Relationship

Investing in your relationship today means building a stronger, happier tomorrow.

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