"Heal your heart, Heal your life,
Heal the world" 

Kim Le

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Heal Your Heart & Thrive

  • Are miscommunications, anger, and resentment destroying your relationships?

  • Are you feeling frustrated and lost from a lack of purpose in your life?

  • Are you stressed and overwhelmed with your relationships?

  • Are you afraid of change and struggling to make life decisions?

  • Are you stuck or unsure of what you to do with your life?

You deserve to have love, respect, and happiness in your life and in your relationships.

Contact Kim Le to receive a gift of 30-minute video chat (valued at $300) to start your path to Heal your Heart & Thrive!





About Kim Le


As a master heart healer for over 28 years, Kim has helped thousands of people heal their hearts to reclaim their power, command love and respect, and find their purpose so that they will thrive in all areas of their lives.          


Kim’s 7 steps heart activation process includes energy resonance, sound healing, meditation, and clears generational trauma.


She believes getting to the heart of the problem by asking deeper questions allows us to release stress and overwhelm in all areas of our lives.          


Kim trained with the world-renowned healer, Dr. Barbara Ann Brennan, and studied with Zen Master and Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Thich Nhat Hanh


Kim Le is blessed with the beautiful gift of healing and helping others find their calling in life. I spent 5 minutes in her presence and she was able to identify the root of my pain/ anger. I am truly honored to know her and can't wait to keep working with her. If you are looking to heal ANY aspect of your life, I'm sure Kim can help you out. 

Xania Mejia

Kim Le is a powerful healer. She has helped me break through difficult energetic and mental blocks... including issues I struggled with for years! In a very short amount of time, I felt major increases in my clarity and confidence. What I love most is her unique combination of character traits: she is direct, funny, down-to-earth, and skillful. This makes each session both joyful and transformational.   

Tazima Davis 

Kim is amazing! She was the first spiritual teacher that I found and who helped me to begin to unravel my negative old stories and self-perceptions. She helped me begin my work on forgiveness and self-love. I cannot recommend her highly enough! Say "Yes!" to yourself by saying "Yes!" to working with this amazing human. 

Kay Self