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Your answer to money problems is here...

Imagine for a Moment:

~ The end of living paycheck to paycheck...


Never being broke (or worrying about when you might be broke again)...


Feeling confident that you'll always have enough money...


Knowing where the money will come from to support what you want and need...

Remove Your Money Blocks Starting NOW!

Meet Kim Le, your heart and money healer...


To heal your relationship with money, you must first understand your relationship and history with money. 


Whenever you have disharmony in your relationship with yourself, it’s because our heart is too closed. 

This especially applies to your relationship with money.

For nearly 30 years, I have helped thousands of my clients and students heal their heart in relationship with themselves and their loved ones and with money. 


Now it's your turn...

Start by asking yourself, how did your ancestors, grandparents and parents handle money?  How has that led to your answers to the following:

What is your emotional attachment to that money?

Does money bring you joy?

Does money bring you love and appreciation?

Does money bring you judgement?

Does money bring you scarcity and lack?

Or does it bring you jealousy and anger?

What is the emotion attached to money for you?


Healing your relationship to money requires a generational approach. 

For many generations my family has come from wealth.  It changed with my mom’s family, there were 10 children, and by the time her parents died the children were fighting over money. 


I carried that DNA in my body, then 10 years ago, I cleared it for good.  You can too with this blueprint.


Start now with your Transform Your Money Blocks Checklist and your next steps will arrive from there..


I'm excited to look forward to getting to know you and support you!


I love you and I appreciate you.



Kim Le is blessed with the beautiful gift of healing and helping others find their calling in life.

I spent 5 minutes in her presence and she was able to identify the

root of my pain/ anger.

I am truly honored to know her and can't wait to keep working with her.

If you are looking to heal ANY aspect of your life, I'm sure Kim can help you out. 

Xania Mejia

Kim Le is a powerful healer.

She has helped me break through difficult energetic and mental blocks... including issues I struggled with for years!

In a very short amount of time,

I felt major increases in my clarity

and confidence.

What I love most is her unique combination of character traits: she is direct, funny, down-to-earth, and skillful.

This makes each session both joyful and transformational.   

Tazima Davis 

Kim is amazing!

She was the first spiritual teacher that I found and who helped me to begin to unravel my negative old stories and self-perceptions.

She helped me begin my work on forgiveness and self-love.

I cannot recommend her

highly enough!

Say "Yes!" to yourself by saying "Yes!" to working with this amazing human. 

Kay Self

Remove Your Money Blocks Starting NOW!

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