Work with Kim!


  • Are you feeling heartaches from being betrayed? 

  • Are you struggling with your relationships?

  • Do you feel unloved or disrespected by your partner?

  • Do you need better communication with your partner?

  • Do you feel unfulfilled, anxious, or exhausted with life?

  • Are you stuck and overwhelmed at work?

  • Are you depressed?

  • Do you want to heal your heart now?

Kim’s program focuses on Self-Transformation. It takes you on a journey to clear your negative thoughts, habits, beliefs, perceptions, and projections transforming them into more positive emotions, habits, and deep self-awareness.


She specializes in heart awakening and healing in relationship with Self, and life partner, to turn from disharmony into a loving, respectful harmonious relationship.


Kim's program is a step by step process shifting your energy from a lower frequency of fear, anger, resentment, stress, and overwhelmed to a higher frequency of love, peace, joy, and bliss. She is known to her clients as a powerful, intuitive, and gifted Healer.

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Heal Your Heart and Your Relationship

Clients seeking out Kim's help because of disharmony in their relationships. Often client’s relationships are full of finger-pointing, miscommunication, resentment, and betrayal.


Kim’s program focuses on opening communication and healing through self-love, mutual respect, and commitment toward happiness. Learn to manage your own energy, and be present to take care of yourself, and grow your relationship.

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Heal Your Relationship with Money

People come to Kim because they have an ON and an OFF relationship with money.  She helps establish a strong relationship with money by clearing their old money blueprints from childhood that have been passed on from the family of origin's scarcity mindset.  As a result, You will feel empowered with love and joy, thus attracting more affluence.

Kim’s program helps you establish a strong, clear, clean, and healthy relationship with money so that you can be free to enjoy life, not to keep you up at night. 

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Transform Your Business

Kim believes that a business is a spiritual practice because when we are in harmony with many aspects of ourselves and establish strong healthy relationships with our money with clarity and purpose to serve in our business that it will thrive and prosper.  

Kim’s program for business transformation is a culmination of all of her other programs. Once you improve yourself, your relationships with others and your relationship with money, you will have clarity on how you want to serve in your business. 


Kim was a wonderful coach. I hired Kim when I became disillusioned with following all of the rigid templates and formulas for success, getting clients, and money. I found myself burning out, unhappy, and giving up. She opened up my belief in magic again, and since working with her, I have unlocked the magic within myself and amazing things are happening. I am now open to receiving blessings and opportunities wherever they may come, and they are flooding my way.

She is genuine, enthusiastic, has a great heart and has your best intentions in mind.
I was very happy to have her on my team to grow myself and my business.  
Thank you Kim!

Shawnrey Notto