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DECEMBER 31, 2020 from 3 pm - 5 pm PT

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For the past 27 years, Kim Le has worked as a true essence healer and energy coach, helping individuals to heal their hearts and minds and overcome darkness. 


Kim Le helps clients who feel overwhelmed and stuck to become more joyous, loving, happy, and energetic. Regardless of what you are going through, Kim will help you to identify obstacles to your health and wellbeing and to develop stronger self-awareness and healthier relationships with your friends and family members. 


She does this through a process called sound healing. Kim uses a singing bowl to produce certain sounds that work to heal the mind, body, and spirit. People from all walks of life can benefit from this type of healing.

Sound Healing

What is a Crystal Singing Bowl?

To produce healing sounds, Kim Le makes use of a crystal singing bowl. This is an ancient instrument that Buddhist monks have used for centuries during meditation

to promote relaxation and healing. 


Typically, a sound healer like Kim will use their hand or a special device to make a circular motion along the outside of the singing bowl to produce a specific sound that

will allow you to relax and heal.

How Can a Session with Kim Le

Change Your Life?

During a sound healing session, Kim Le uses a singing bowl to help the brain move into

theta wave frequencies. 


Our brains operate in five different frequencies. Most human brains spend the majority of

their time living in beta. Beta frequencies keep us alive and alert, but it can also cause us to overthink, feel anxious, or feel trapped in our thoughts. 


The other four frequencies we can tap into are alpha, delta, gamma, and theta. During a sound healing session, Kim Le helps her clients experience theta waves. 


During theta, you’re able to feel harmonious and free, and you can connect with parts of yourself that you didn’t know existed. This frequency can also help you repattern your brain and practice visualization techniques. 


Of course, to truly experience change, you need to attend more than one session.

VIP 1:1s or a 90-day "Heal Your Heart and Thrive" session is ideal to help your brain enter theta. Here are more ways sessions with Kim Le can change your life:

Balance the Chakras

If you’re experiencing mental or physical distress, one or more of your chakras may be blocked or unbalanced.

Chakras are energy points in your body that should stay opened and aligned

to promote physical and emotional well-being. 


During a sound healing session with Kim Le, the vibrations of the singing bowl can help

balance your chakras and restore you to a more peaceful state.

Alleviate Stress

Stress is a major health problem in the world, and over one-third of the population experiences extreme stress. 


The hypnotic sounds that come from Kim Le’s singing bowl can help clear your mind of any stress or anxiety you may be feeling.

During a sound healing session with Kim Le, the vibrations of the singing bowl can help balance your chakras

and restore you to a more peaceful state.

Deep Relaxation

As the bowl vibrates during a sound healing session, you will become more conscious of your breathing,

and in turn, you’ll feel more relaxed. 


During a healing session with Kim Le, you’ll have the opportunity to block out the outside

world and enter into a state of deep relaxation.

Improve The Immune System

Sound healing sessions won’t just help you improve your mind, they’ll also help you improve your body. 


Sound healing helps to stimulate your immune system—the system in your body that defends you from infection.

The mind and body are intrinsically interconnected, and as your mind mends through sound healing sessions, so too will your body. 

So What Are You Waiting For?

If you’re serious about healing your mind and restoring your inner peace, then it’s time to book a sound healing session. 


3:00 - 3:15 pm - warm up

3:15 - 3:45 pm  - YOGA

3:45 - 5:00 pm 

Cool Down  + Time to Share

(Pacific Time)

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Sound Healing

4:20 - 4:40 pm

Sound Healing with

Kim Le

Master Heart Healer

4:40 - 5:00 pm  - Time to Share

(Pacific Time)

Join Kim Le, Master Heart Healer,

and Aaron Howard, Yoga Instructor


Close out the year and set

positive intentions for 2021.