Women's Empowerment Beach Retreat

Join Us in


Barra de Navidad, “Mexico’s Hidden Gem”

Heal Your Heart & Thrive!
Release, Retreat, Revitalize!

If you are that successful woman but feel empty, stressed, overwhelmed and longing for more love, peace, and joy in your life, then this retreat is for you. Discover how to heal your heart, and thrive. We create a safe and sacred container for you to embody the healer within so that you will walk away with love, peace, and joy in your heart to attract, to manifest more love and abundance in your life.

December 15-21, 2019

Just imagine one week with no distractions:  just full attention to yourself to experience the Magical-Transformation
Just imagine one week at beach retreat:  with healthy foods, great new friends, excursions and so much more
Just imagine that after one week you are ready to heal your heart: to discover who you truly are. knowing that you are enough. You deserve to have all that your heart desires.


..are a perfectionist and your life is being suffocated

..are having an unfulfilled career & life

..have reached the pinnacle of your career but feel empty 

..have financial success, but have not found your purpose.

..have limiting beliefs that you can’t have everything you long for

..feel stress, stuck and overwhelmed, and you don’t have time for self-care

This Retreat is the week before Christmas

and will transform your life!


You will walk away Transformed & Renewed. You will have the tools to keep you grounded and balanced to attract and achieve the life of your dreams!


Experiences Await!  Transformational workshops and ceremonies on the beach along with excursions to have an amazing time of fun in the sun!

We create a supportive environment that allows you to heal your heart and to have a blueprint to achieve your goals!



When your plane touches down at the little Manzanillo Airport on the west coast of Mexico, there’s nothing for you to do. Our bus will be there to transport you to the Playa Casa Del Rey Beach Retreat Center just 30 minutes away.

The retreat center is nestled beside white-sand beaches, where you’ll find the perfect place to unplug, relax, and revitalize your body, mind, and spirit. Playa Casa del Rey is also the perfect place to nurture and transform yourself.

You will enjoy a guest room with double occupancy decorated in festive Mexican style and color therapy, featuring a comfy bed, convenient bathroom and plenty of space to lounge and as well as group time.


You’ll have healthy, organic food at Playa Casa del Rey — food from local farms, lovingly prepared, food to tantalize your taste buds and nourish your body and soul.

Whatever the meal, you’ll be treated to the freshest and most delicious variety of Mexican and American meals, featuring savory, organic foods from coastal Mexico.

You will start the day with an optional early-morning smoothie lovingly blended from a flavorful combination of fruits and veggies. Lunch and dinner will feature the fresh-fish catch of the day, including wild-caught local tuna, lobster and shrimp. You will savor a variety of mouthwatering organic fruits — pineapples, mangoes, papayas, coconuts, melons, and berries — plus an equally amazing bounty of fresh organic veggies, nuts, and seeds.

If you’re detoxing, our nutrition expert can put together a special menu for you. We also have options for allergies. Please let us know your preferences.

Whatever the meal, at Playa Casa del Rey, you can be sure it will be healthy. And you can be sure you will go home with a refined palate and a fresh appreciation for good food.


During our 7 day retreat, Kim will lead you in a soul embodiment journey to help you deepen your love for yourself and heal your heart.

You will get in touch with your feelings and let go of past hurt and betrayal. You will immerse yourself in the deeper mysteries of life with healing rituals:


  • Fire ceremony to free yourself from unwanted attachments and to let go of your old identity

  • “Heart-Wall” healing to soften emotional barriers, to allow you to feel more deeply, and to absorb information and nutrition more easily


  • Frequent yoga practice

  • Energy clearings to balance and harmonize body and mind

  • Exciting excursions and local shopping

  • Conscious communication, deep listening, laughter, fun, and friendship!


  • Transportation to and from the airport and all other local spots

  • 7 days & 6 nights’ lodging at the Playa Casa Del Rey Retreat Center: Double occupancy ranges from $3,500.00-$3,600.00. If you prefer a single occupancy room, please contact us for availability and pricing. Contact Lydia: decolores.spa@gmail.com

  • phone: 1(888) 883-1384

  • All meals, snacks & non-alcoholic drinks

  • Excursion to Colmilla to meet the locals & enjoy fresh, grilled fish

  • Women’s shopping expedition for the best buys in Barra de Navidad

  • Spiritual ceremonies to deepen and solidify the relationship with yourself

  • Priceless tips and teachings

  • Lots of listening, laughter, friendship & fun!

Give yourself A Christmas Gift that you deserve!.
The investment in yourself is ONLY $ 3500.00


  • Your round-trip airfare from home 

  • Meals, snacks & drinks outside the Decolores Retreat Center

  • Incidentals such as tips, souvenirs, shopping & other personal items

  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance

Your Coaches & Facilitators

Retreat is hosted by warm and heart-centered coaches who are eager to give you 7 days of their full attention! 


Kim Le is the True Essence Healer and Relationship Coach, published author, and speaker. for the last 25 years, she helps professionals, coaches, and healers to heal their hearts and thrive. She believes is the heart is a powerful engine for deep connections to higher self, Source, and life. When we stabilize our energy in Divine Love, unconditional love, we feel safe in our body, heart, mind, and soul. In our wholeness were share our light and love with each other to support the evolution of human-kind. She believes Inner Peace is World Peace.


Through coaching, self-care and relationship-building services Kim Le helps you align your consciousness with your intuitive healer within. She had created 7 steps for healing and coaching to support her students and clients to Heal their Hearts and Thrive.

Kim’s group classes and individual coaching are perfect for those who are stressed and overwhelmed by their careers and relationships. Do you have a goal you need help to reach, but your old habits and patterns holding you back? 

Through Kim’s guidance, you will discover your true self, find inner peace and happiness.  You will establish a deep connection within your body, mind, and soul. This will allow you to change your Identity for broken-hearted to mended heart and heal all your relationships (self, love, money, career). From this new place of balance, you will be able to find peace in relationships. Skill sets include: conscious communication, peaceful closure with past relationships. You also have powerful tools for your own healing and open to love again.


Based in California, Lydia is the owner of the Playa Casa del Rey Beach Retreat in Barra de Navidad, Mexico, she is also a foster mother of seven children.


Once devastated by the death of her husband and living in a wheelchair, Lydia completely transformed her life. She is now completely healthy and happy. As a certified massage therapist, Reiki practitioner, a health coach in nutrition and certified intuitive healer specializing in the effects of food on the mind-body-spirit connection.

Seeing amazing potential in all people, Lydia is driven by her passion for life to help others keep growing and evolving. As part of that mission, she organizes retreats and donates a portion of the profits to her foundation, Decolores Kids, so that foster children and their caretakers can enjoy Playa Casa del Rey Beach retreats and learn more about the mind-body-spirit connection.



Your Investment:

Originally $3,777 USD (per person)

NOW ONLY $3500!!



**Includes all meals, accommodations, workshops, seminars, and transportation will be provided to & from Manzanillo Airport XLO, on your day of arrival/departure, and excursion day & brunch in CoIimilla.


Kim was a wonderful coach. I hired Kim when I became disillusioned with following all of the rigid templates and formulas for success, getting clients, and money. I found myself burning out, unhappy, and giving up. She opened up my belief in magic again, and since working with her, I have unlocked the magic within myself and amazing things are happening. I am now open to receiving blessings and opportunities wherever they may come, and they are flooding my way.

She is genuine, enthusiastic, has a great heart and has your best intentions in mind.
I was very happy to have her on my team to grow myself and my business.  
Thank you Kim!

Shawnrey Notto