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“Become a Certified Healer”

Continue the Journey with 9-Months of additional Energy Training to Complete Self-Healing and Become a Guide to Others Needing to Heal


1st stage: Physical Reality

Focusing on heal the healer within by

  • Clearing the limiting beliefs. fear, doubt, and negative emotions

  • Clearing generational trauma from your ancestor Negative Blueprints and Replace them with New Divine Identity

  • Clearing your energy entanglements between you and others that are holding you back in your life and business

  • Release negative blueprints replacing them with a New Divine Identity

  • Activate and Awaken the Healer Within


2nd stage Inner Reality

Understand energy vibrations of thoughts affecting emotions

  • Master the 4 Levels of Consciousness to Support the Heart Healing Process

  • Learn how to maintain your own energy in the highest vibration so that the chaos of every day will not affect your well-being

  • Understand the chakra system and energy blockages that cause diseases

  • Practice the True Essence Healing technique to support your healing skill

  • Learning the techniques of how to tap into the original cord wounds and clearing them


3rd stage: Virtual Reality

is the 360% of experiences of past, present, and future are one

  • Understand the Human Energy and Universal Energy Field 

  • Learn how to align your energy to the Universal Energy Field for Distant Healing and manifestations

  • Developing skill through practice with friends and family members!

Imagine Yourself having the ability to heal the hearts of those you love…family members, friends, and others that come to you as a student!

Just Imagine………….

Teaching others to feel more at peace with themselves, manifesting with ease and joy!


Giving the gift to others to vibrate in a higher frequency to help them build a divine identity of who they truly are meant to be!

Helping others create wealth and living the lifestyle that they desire!

Guiding loved ones, friends, and students out of a place of frustration allowing them to heal their hearts and thrive to live in the presence of peace and joy!

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Reclaim Your Power by Learning How to Shift Your Energy Frequency

Kim’s Certification takes you on a journey of
Self-Transformation to shift energy from your negative thoughts, habits, beliefs, perceptions, projections by transforming
them into positive thoughts, emotions, new habits
with self-awareness.

Program Details

Requisition: Completing the 90-Day “Heal & Thrive” program.

Certification:  Continuing this course for 9-additional months of training and coaching after the 90-day Heal & Thrive program, will obtain you certification and have you on the way to being a healer and/or coach making a difference in the lives of people you care about.

  • Small group class limited to 8-20 students

  • Meets weekly on Zoom (virtual video call) for 90-minutes

  • Replays are available for all classes

  • Additional support between classes in the private Facebook Academy

  • Access to Private Facebook Community Heal and Thrive with Kim Le 


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Certification Program

Request a FREE 30-min call with Kim to determine if Kim's certification program would be the right choice for you! 

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