Being Heard in Your


Do You Feel as If You Are Not Being Heard, 
Struggle with Communication or Don't Feel Valued in Your Personal or Professional Relationships?

Start transforming your relationship experience by activating the power of being heard!
Are you Ready to Be Heard, Feel Loved & Respected?


It's time to Reduce Misunderstandings, Disappointment & Heartaches to Strengthen Your Relationships!



Meet Kim Le


Kim Le is a Master Heart Healer, Teacher, Relationship Coach, Speaker, and Published Author. She helps women release the pains of betrayal to heal their hearts so they can have healthy relationships with themselves, partners, family, money and business.  

For the last 27 years, Kim has helped thousands of people transform their lives. ​ At the young age of three, her spiritual gift was revealed when she used prayer to comfort those who were suffering.  She survived traveling rough waters on a crowded fisherman’s boat with little food and no water. Her family finally left Vietnam to come to America for a better life. 

While in America Kim faced many adversities, including cultural differences, language challenges and an abusive husband.  She was left to raise three children with little support.  Leaving that toxic environment, she soon recalled her divine purpose to help others heal their hearts.  She began the process to heal her heart through training with Barbara Ann Brennan, at BHSS.  She studied under Zen Master and Nobel Peace Prize Recipient, Thich Nhat Hanh, who was nominated by Martin Luther King, Jr. for the award in 1967, for his dedication to Human Rights. 

She learned suffering is disharmony from within.  Honoring one’s self through the power of choice, responsibility, self-love, respect, and self-worth were the core elements needed to overcome life’s challenges, whether physical illness or emotional pain.  She believes suffering is a separation between body, mind, and soul.  Her goal is to help you find the true cause of your suffering and transform it, helping you to reclaim your joyful true essence.

Through her step-by-step programs, just like Being Heard in Your Relationships E-Course, she can help you transform your relationships.  And get you started on the path to heal your heart and thrive, to experience the freedom, love, peace, joy, and purpose you deserve!

She created this E-Course for you to Reclaim Your Power to Be Heard, Loved & Respected in Your Relationships!

Join your Expert Guide in this Amazing
5 Module E-Course

Being Heard in Your Relationships!



Learn how to Gain Clarity so You Can Make Empowering Choices in Your Relationships!


- Includes empowering exercises 


Learn how to Take Control of Your Responses so You Can Be Heard More Easily 

- Includes empowering exercises 


Learn how to Reduce Heartaches & Misunderstandings in Your Communication 

- Includes empowering exercises 


Learn how to Ask Powerfully for Your Needs to Be Met 

- Includes empowering exercises 


Learn how to Take the Right Actions that Create Deep Connections, Conversations,
and Love!


- Includes empowering exercises 

BONUS: Up-Level Your Relationship Discovery Session
45 minutes with Kim Le, Master Heart Healer  

Value: $500 

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Hear how Kim Le has helped others Heal their Heart in  Relationships & Thrive!  .... feel more at peace with themselves, manifesting with ease and joy!

.... For a long-time I struggled with depression. Working with Kim is an investment in healing and Wholeness! I am stronger, balanced, connected, humble, wealthy and more loved. Thank you Kim... I feel complete!  

Jay Watson

.... Definitely as good as they get! I spent 5 minutes in her presence and she was able to identify the root of my pain/anger. If you are looking to heal ANY aspect of your life, I'm sure Kim can help you out.  

Xenia Mejia

.... Kim Le is a rare find - intuitive, compassionate, and absolutely empowered with an AMAZING gift. Outstanding!!! 5 STARS!  

Richard Marlin

.... Kim's services are beyond words. Her ability to hone in on root blockages and issues is both uncanny and empowering.  

Kimmy V

....Since the first private session, I have also completed two 5-week workshops. Spending time with Kim is a true pleasure, a learning process, a creative process, a healing process...Kim leaves you an "improved human being", "a better version of yourself"  

Danna Lewis

Imagine Yourself finally feeling heard, loved, and respected by family members, friends, co-workers and thrive on a whole new level!

♥ Communicate Effectively to Be Heard
♥ Assess your Relationships to Find the Truth
♥ Recognize What's Holding You Back or Upsetting You
♥ Reduce Misunderstandings, Disappointment & Heartaches


Activate the Power of Being Heard in Your Relationships! 

Kim Le, Your Master Heart Healer will Guide you Through this 

Transformative Self - Study Program


- 5 Empowering Video Modules that help youStart to Create the Relationships You Desire

- Accompanied by a Course Guide with Powerful Activation Steps

- BONUS: Up-Level Your Relationship

45 minutes with Kim Le, Master Heart Healer

Discovery Session


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