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About Kim Le

Kim Le is a Master Heart Healer, Teacher, Relationship Coach, Speaker, and Published Author. She helps women release the pains of betrayal to heal their hearts so they can have healthy relationships with themselves, partners, family, money and business.  

For the last 28 years, Kim has helped thousands of people transform their lives. ​ At the young age of three, her spiritual gift was revealed when she used prayer to comfort those who were suffering.  She survived traveling rough waters on a crowded fisherman’s boat with little food and no water. Her family finally left Vietnam to come to America for a better life. 

While in America Kim faced many adversities, including cultural differences, language challenges, and an abusive husband.  She was left to raise three children with little support.  Leaving that toxic environment, she soon recalled her divine purpose to help others heal their hearts.  She began the process to heal her heart through training with Barbara Ann Brennan, at BHSS.  She studied under Zen Master and Nobel Peace Prize Recipient, Thich Nhat Hanh, who was nominated by Martin Luther King, Jr. for the award in 1967, for his dedication to Human Rights. 

She learned suffering is disharmony from within.  Honoring one’s self through the power of choice, responsibility, self-love, respect, and self-worth were the core elements needed to overcome life’s challenges, whether physical illness or emotional pain.  She believes suffering is a separation between body, mind, and soul.  Her goal is to help you find the true cause of your suffering and transform it, helping you to reclaim your joyful true essence.

Through her step-by-step programs, she can transform individuals.  Kim heals their hearts, raising their energy frequency in the soul resonance that leads to a path of freedom, love, peace, joy, and purpose.  Like her E-Course, Being Heard in Your Relationships!

Kim Le is based in San Francisco, California, and works around the globe healing and coaching clients individually and in group settings with her teachings and classes. She also trains other Healers and Coaches with her Certification Program.


Hi, I am Kim. I can relate to how you are feeling.

When I was in my twenties, I was in a toxic relationship.  I was married to someone who was extremely controlling in how I dressed, wore my hair, and every other action I took.  My spirit was dying under those circumstances. 

I had a full-time job, three children and I also cared for my dying brother. I was suffering alone. One day, during a vibrational healing class, I was chosen to receive a hand massage.  Within five minutes I felt my body, mind, and spirit awaken!  I heard my spirit guide say, "Kim this is the work that you're supposed to do.  Use your voice  and touch to comfort people."   In that moment, I felt a huge ball of light and love cover me. 

I was faced with telling my husband that I wanted to be the healer.  He became angry and forbid me to follow my calling that was revealed to me at the age of three.  In that instant, I felt my life force drained from my body.  My spirit guide spoke to me again.  “Kim, do or die!" 

Hearing my spirit guide again, I decided to act and live life on my own terms, nurturing my gift and following my life calling.  


From my personal healing journey, I am passionately committed to helping others heal with my mission to educate the world that is suffering deep pain from physical, emotional, and mental abuse. 


Thank you for allowing me to help you heal.

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